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Free HDTV With Digital Free To Air Antenna

Catch the big game on
FREE high-definition off-air antenna TV!

More and more, TV viewers are getting their local programming off-air. Whether it's your only reception source, or an add-on to other services, you'll be amazed at the quality and clarity of an antenna signal. Antenna use has increased greatly after the digital transition. Here's why...

Your money is well-spent on a one time antenna installation!

Whether you're a do-it yourselfer or hire an installer, your time and effort pays off!

- Antennas save money.
Save big by dropping the cable or satellite bill. That's saving $600 or more every year for your budget!

- Antennas deliver quality.
The highest broadcast resolution. With your 1080 HDTV and soon 4K, you're going to get the best signal possible! And your converted analog TV will get a solid signal, no fuzz or snow.

- Antennas get you all the locals.
Cable and satellite services pick the local stations you get. With an antenna, you decide! You&#…

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Tom Talk-How to Enhance Your Audio Experience

Are all aftermarket power cords a waste of time or are they something of a revelation. I’ve experimented with power cords for the better part of twenty plus years and I’m here to say that they make a significant difference. I find the sound opens up with plenty of detail because the noise floor is lowered dramatically, so you hear everything that was recorded on the disc. The stock cord on my Bryston 4B NRB is a large, heavy duty power cord, but would changing the power cord to the Audioquest NRG-2 make a difference? Yes. Let me explain what I heard when I inserted the power cord into my Bryston power amp. Listening to Eva Cassidy’s on vinyl from the Songbird album S&P-501 proved to be an eye-opening experience or shall I say ear-opening. On the song Fields of Gold, she sings with such delicacy and power that I felt goose bumps running up and down my spine. The noise floor was lowered so much that you can hear all the detail and ambience of this live recording. You can hear the b…

Safety first - How to keep your screen clean

Have you cleaned your flat panel TV screen lately? If you have, hopefully you didn't use window cleaner! You also want to be careful when using water or a damp cloth, after all you are cleaning electronics.
When cleaning flat panel TV screens you want to be especially careful with LCD/LED's. Window cleaning products are alcohol and ammonia based which can be very harmful and abrasive to these screens. We offer a safe alternative to keep your flat panel TV screens looking their best and fingerprint free. A gel based non-ammonia, non-alcohol product that is not abrasive and comes with an anti-static cleaning cloth. One bottle will last a very long time.

TIPS for cleaning your flat panel TV:

-NEVER clean the screen when it is warm
-NEVER spray the screen directly
-ALWAYS spray the cloth and wipe the screen in circular motions like you're polishing a car

The nice thing about our screen cleaners is that they are also safe for use on computer monitors, tablets, phones, eye…